What are the most used Enterprise Resource Systems?

Enterprise resource planning systems, or “ERP” for short, is management software for businesses. These systems are usually used by companies of medium to large size. ERP integrates all of the core functions that a large company needs, such as development. inventory management, sales, manufacturing and finances.

One of the most widely used ERP software, used by companies from all over the globe, is Microsoft’s ”Dynamics”. Used for business management, it allows for easier customer to company relationship and allows to introduce new solutions in a much safer way.

Gold standard, as called by many, SAP ERP, is the most widely known enterprise resource planning software. It features support in areas, such as finance, human capital management and even corporate services.

With a slogan of “the sky is the limit”, one might wonder what is ePROMISE ERP. It provides a lot of functionality in various areas. Finance, human resources, projects, analytics and more. The software is customizable to a large extent for the functionality that the company needs, so it is a great choice for any large company which needs an all-in-one system.

A lesser known, and used ERP software that focuses on client and time management along with resource management and project accounting. Deltek’s “Vision” is a web-based solution with cloud functionality being an option.

Which enterprise resource system is the right for the company, depends on the functionality it needs. Be it time management, client management or analytics, each company needs to understand its priorities and choose the right one for them.